Our Vision

The goal of Smurfit Kappa d.o.o. Beograd is to become a leader in all areas of its business operations.  By its active participation in ecological activities, good collaboration with the local government and the competent Ministries, continuous efforts and investments in cutting-edge equipment and technology in the domain of environmental protection using the best available methods, exchanging experiences with foreign partners, and especially by continuous investment in education and professional development of its employees, SK Beograd is on a steady path to fulfilling its vision of being an environmentally friendly company demonstrating professional competence and due care.

Air Protection

According to this program, special measures shall be applied for air protection. Partial reconstruction of boiler facilities has been carried out, which, combined with a better quality natural gas supply, contributes to reducing energy consumption and therefore reducing the emission of harmful substances.

Water Protection

Smurfit Kappa d.o.o. Beograd has the technology for purification of industrial waste water, which has been significantly advanced upon making the 2011/2012 investment as part of the paper pulp preparation facility reconstruction.

The next phase shall include completely closing the outflow of industrial water and investing in modernizing the waste water purification facilities.

During the first phase of facility reconstruction alone, in the year 2010 almost a million EUR was invested in the technology enabling additional reduction of fresh water usage, as well as a considerably higher degree of waste water purification.

During this phase, the existing system for waste water purification and the system for chemical dosing were repaired and presses for dewatering the waste as well as a flotation tank, a device for more efficient purification of water from the inner outflow, were installed. The goal was to increase the recirculation of water within the production process, making the system for waste water purification more efficient.

The next phase of the project is biological purification of waste waters, which should bring SK Beograd closer to the highest standards of environmental protection.

Waste Management

What sets Smurfit Kappa d.o.o. Beograd apart form other factories and makes it environmentally friendly is the fact that its only uses waste paper as the basic material for the production of European quality cardboard. About 140,000 tons of used paper, which would otherwise end up in a dump, is collected and processed annually for production purposes.

Applying the basic principles of sustainable development and prudent business operations, the mill constantly works on and invests in environmental protection, which is reflected in honoring the hierarchy of waste management, waste sorting at its place of origin, reduced use of materials and energy consumption, replacing materials with materials which are more ecologically acceptable when the process allows it. As a result, the negative impact on the environment is minimized and the evironment is preserved for future generations.


Smurfit Kappa d.o.o. Beograd has the ISO 14001:2015 compliance certificate – the environmental protection management system – and the FSC™ (FSC- C117006)  CoC  certificate, certifying a finished product through responsible production and rational usage of forests, thus documenting its business success and quality, as well as its continuous efforts in environmental protection, and reaffirming that the principles of cleaner production, as well as the awareness of the importance of sustainable development principles are the basic elements on which this factory's operations are based.

Today, SK Beograd is a certified materials recycling facility for waste paper and cardboard and the entire amount of waste packaging paper and cardboard being recycled in the mill is counted as a contribution to realizing national goals.